How to Register a new domain name?
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This article will help you to register a new domain name from Web Experts Tanzania

Go to our homepage you can find where it says 'Every brand starts with a Domain name'

Step #1 Enter or type your preferred keyword or domain name you want to be registered for you brand/business

Step #2 Type carefully and correctly the given code in the space shown

Step #3 Go and click the Search button then you will be redirected to the next stage. The searched domain will show you the availability ready for registration process if not available you may try re-searching another domain name to suit your brand or business name.

Step #4 Below the text Congratulations! yourdomain name is available! click the Cart button then click Checkout to continue.

Step #5 Enter the Domains configuration, If you want to use custom nameservers then enter them by changing dns1.webexperts.co.tz and dns2.webexperts.co.tz then click continue to the Review and Checkout page. From the order summary on the right hand side click the Checkout button.

Step #6 On the Checkout page you will be required to register by entering/filling your personal details and billing information. If you have already registered from us click on the button says Already Registered? to login to your account then choose your payment method whether it's M-PESA, Bank or Paypal Account.

From there you have already registered a new domain from us then pay for your order to enjoy our services. If you still need an assistance from Web Experts Tanzania our support department team is there to help you! Please contact us here or call us direct +255 766 632 744.

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